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"In my first year working with Bryan, I dropped 8 strokes off my handicap. You can find a teacher that will teach you the swing fairly easily, but finding a coach to show you how to put the ball in the hole as efficiently as possible is extremely hard to come by; that is Bryan."


"Coach Bryan Novoa definitely does not go by the book, he uses his life experience and technicalities to create a golf swing into a living rhythm rather than just a movement. He interacts with his students in a way that is different from most golf instructors by getting them emotionally involved with the sport itself. Above anything else Coach Novoa is a friend, someone you can talk to on and off the course about anything and everything, making him the best swing, golf, and life coach I ever had."

MATT TREVINO - Head Pro at River Hill CC

"Bryan offers a 360-degree approach to teaching. Most instructors focus strictly on the swing mechanics, but Bryan can advise students of any age or ability level about body mechanics, fitness training, and proper nutrition. He also understands the difference between swinging the club and playing the game. He does lots of work on course, teaching students the proper shot selection, how to strategically play holes, and most importantly, work on the mental approach to playing."


"If you are a numbers guy like me, from the time I started working with Bryan until now, I have dropped an average of 10 strokes from my game."

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