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The One-on-Three - $125/person

For up to three people will join one of our golf professionals for a 9-hole playing lesson at Wolfdancer Golf Club! ALL greens fees, cart fees and driving range fees.

All guests will also receive a 2 for 1 coupon to come back and play the full 18-holes at one of Texas’ finest golf courses.

This unique program is great way to introduce friends or family to the game. Whether you are wanting to learn golf with your best friend or even share a relaxing afternoon at Wolfdancer Golf Club with your special someone, the “One on Three” is the best way to do it. It gets you, plus two, with a Scoring Solutions Austin Touring Professional for 18-holes at Wolfdancer Golf Club.

This session can be catered to any skill level of player, from beginners to scratch handicaps. Learning with someone you are comfortable communicating with is a fun way to continue improvement long after the lesson is over. We will show you fun ways to work with one another to keep your golf game improving. Golf is hard enough on your own, but with games and pointed communication you can keep your scores lower and be entertained for a lifetime.

One-on-One Signature Workshop - $250

This is our signature session. Spend a minimum of 3 hours with a Scoring Solutions Pro, working through all key aspects of improved scoring. A short introduction and warm up will be followed by two hours or more of On-Course instruction.

A few of the elements to be covered:

  1. 1.Learning how to develop a plan for every shot that fits your personality

  2. 2.Assessing and understanding situations that affect score

  3. 3.Playing by “numbers” vs. playing by “feel”- Learning which is best for you.

  4. 4.Developing a repeatable “Scoring Swing”

  5. 5.Developing a sound pre-shot routine

  6. 6.Learning specific chips and pitches around the greens

  7. 7.Green reading 101

One Hour Wedge Workout - $100 Adults / $60-person group rate (3+)

This program will focus on the details pertaining to two things: mid-range wedge play and pitching around the greens.

The Wedge Workout is the only program that takes place on the driving range. This hour will be very fast paced, with an emphasis on:

  1. 1.Helping students find a repeatable swing to take to the course

  2. 2.Learning true distances with each wedge

  3. 3.Beginning to develop a two/three swing wedge system

  4. 4.Learning specialty shots around the greens

  5. 5.Wedge-fitting

All students will also receive the Scoring Solutions Practice Guide.

Advanced Scoring Session - $300 / Touring Pro Rate: $150

This 3-4 hour program is intended for the aspiring professional and low-handicap players looking to prepare for tournament play or to get a competitive edge.

The following elements will be covered.

  1. 1.Pre-shot routine evaluation (timing, commitment to shot selection)

  2. 2.Fine tuning distances with each short iron (8-iron thru lob wedge)

  3. 3.Finding the best way for each player to work between numbers (choke down? shorter swing?)

  4. 4.Trajectory/spin control awareness

  5. 5.Address specific short game struggles


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We stand by our expertise in our trade so if you are not completely satisfied with the services offered by Scoring Solutions Austin we will offer you a full refund.


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