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Throughout our years in pursuit of lower scores and tournament success, we have come to the realization that many students of the game have not been afforded the on-course guidance necessary to enable them to score to the best of their ability.

Until the format of golf changes, there is only one ultimate goal: your score. That is the focus of Scoring Solutions: to teach you to focus on the very elements that directly impact your score.

The late Harvey Penick said it best, “Golf should be learned starting at the cup and progressing backwards toward the tee.” I believe this simple truism has been overlooked and muddied as modern driving-range instruction has grown.

For example, we have noticed that often times if a player is struggling with his/her long game, it is likely that the fix can be found rather easily by working on a short pitch shot, which, as Mr. Penick said, is just a short version of a full swing.

We have also found through my own practice, research and observation of the best players in the world, that actual improvement happens on the golf course, not on the practice tee.

The focus of our Scoring Solutions Programs will be to spend a large majority of our time together on the golf course developing areas of the game that are most commonly mishandled by amateur and junior players.

One of the main goals of Scoring Solutions is to provide a great venue for junior golfers who need a quality facility to play and practice. We have all been fortunate to have had tremendous opportunities in the game, and we hope to reach out and provide the same to juniors who aspire to take their game to the college and possibly  professional level. The more exposure juniors have to information directly from PGA Tour players and caddies, the better prepared they will be when they enter competition.

We have put together a team of experienced professionals who will dedicate their utmost competence to improve your scoring ability. This is not a golf swing school. While we may help you tweak your swing in some instances, our primary focus will always remain on lowering your score using tested methods employed by PGA Tour players as well as touring professionals around the world.

Additionally, we want to be an additional resource to any player currently with a swing instructor. Our On-Course Approach will help you learn how to use your swing in circumstances that cannot be replicated on a practice tee.

We look forward to working with you. Review our Scoring Programs and find the best fit for your game.


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